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Businesses are unique; an extension of the business owner, yet with their own, special challenges, as well. At Compensation Designs, LLC, we work with the business as a whole, the business owner to ensure consistency with the business and personal plan, and consider employee needs, as well, to ensure a holistic and comprehensive plan.

Your financial plan should reflect who you are and your unique personal and family situation. Compensation Designs, LLC, takes care to help you determine what is important to you - and then works with you to plan accordingly to meet your goals. After all, we are people, too.
Cash Management
Every successful financial plan - for an individual, a family, or a business - begins with effective cash management creating a solid foundation. We will look at your income, expenses, savings, and debt load, and help you manage your cash flow to reduce or eliminate debt and build an appropriate level of cash reserves.
Risk Management
Catastrophic events can ruin the best-laid financial plans, but carefully designed risk management solutions can help insulate you from a wide range of potential threats. We will analyze your current insurance coverage - life, health, disability, long-term care, homeowners, auto - and work with you to decide not only what kind of insurance and what level of coverage you need, given your financial situation and goals, but also the most effective way to pay for it.
Education Planning
One of the biggest concerns of young families is how to pay their children's college expenses. We will consider the age of your children, what kind of institution they may want to attend, and what kind of savings plan and vehicles will best prepare you for the day when that first tuition payment comes due.
Retirement Planning
Wherever you are in your financial life, you need a retirement plan that will help move you toward financial independence. We will evaluate all of your potential sources of retirement funds and project whether your after-tax income, adjusted for inflation, will meet or exceed your needs. We will also consider how your retirement plan meshes with other parts of your financial plan - whether, for example, it balances your retirement needs with the college funding needs of your children.
Asset Allocation
It's a lesson many investors have learned the hard way in recent years: Putting all of your faith in a single kind of investment can lead to big losses and a crippled financial plan. You are probably already investing in one or more of several vehicles - in a 401(k) plan at work, an IRA, a college savings plan, a taxable investment account - but you may have too much of your portfolio concentrated in a few areas. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach and, using the latest academic and industry research, we will create a broadly diversified asset allocation plan that fits your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.
Estate Planning
Taking care of the here and now is hard enough; finding time to consider the best way to pass along your hard-earned wealth can be even more challenging. Yet a well-designed estate plan can help you both now and in the future, making the most of your current situation and maximizing what you are able to provide for your heirs. We will consider your estate planning goals in light of your overall financial picture and work with your attorneys to craft a plan that distributes your assets according to your wishes while losing as little as possible to taxes.
Long Term Care
When a person requires someone else to help him or her with their physical or emotional needs over an extended period of time, this is long-term care. This help may be required for many of the activities or needs that healthy, active people take for granted and may include such things as: Walking, Bathing, Dressing, Managing Pain, Providing comfort and assurance, Providing physical or occupational therapy, Attending to medical needs, Providing transportation, Administering medications, etc. Long-term care insurance, an insurance product sold in the United States, helps provide for the cost of long-term care beyond a predetermined period. Long-term care insurance covers care generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

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